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Beitrittsdatum: 5. Feb. 2019


Lisa Herzog (b. 1983) works at the intersection of political philosophy and economics. Her research interests include the history of political and economic thought, the normative evaluation of markets (esp. financial markets) and questions about ethics in organizations. Prof. Herzog studied philosophy, economics, political science and modern history at the universities of Munich (LMU) and Oxford. From 2008 to 2011 she was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford and wrote her doctoral dissertation "Inventing the Market. Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory." Since then, she has worked at, or visited, the universities TU Munich, St. Gallen, KU Leuven, Frankfurt, Stanford, and Utrecht. Since summer 2016 she holds the Professorship in Political Philosophy and Theory at the Bavarian School of Public Policy / Technical University Munich. Since 2017 she is a member of the Global Young Academy.

Lisa Herzog

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